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Patient predictors of difficult intubation:

This awake intubation was:

This awake intubation took place in the:

Indication for awake intubation:

Other contextual factors:

Patient position:

Anti-sialagogues used:

Sedation used:


Specific questions to follow for each anatomic area of topicalization  (nasal/nasopharynx, oropharyngeal, laryngeal/tracheal)

Vasoconstrictor used for nasal approach:

Topicalization delivered via:

Local anesthetic used for topicalization:

What amount of local anesthetic was used? (Feel free to record volume with percentage or dose)

Intubating technique(s) used on first (or only) attempt:

Was the awake intubation attempt abandoned?

Why was the awake intubation abandoned?

Patient management after awake intubation abandoned:

Number of attempts at awake intubation:

Modification(s) made on subsequent attempt(s) to secure the airway:

How would you grade the patient's overall tolerance of the procedure?

Complications/events during procedure:

During the awake intubation, what factors contributed positively to the procedure?

Was extra sedation needed to compensate for inadequate topicalization?

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Are there any modifications you would make in your future awake intubation procedures?

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